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Our solutions are most advanced information systems that foster improved collaboration between the company and its business partners. Due to seamless, far-reaching integrations the systems facilitate communication and align operational processes with companies spread across country, replacing many other tools. B2B systems integrate all the needed commerce and business functionality into one single solution that drives all functions of a business in a cohesive manner.



We specialise in building comprehensive sales strategy. Our custom-build e-commerce solutions are based on a thorough analysis of our clients business needs and their target audience’s expectations. The software build is in accordance with the latest UX standards and current trends in graphic design. Our goal is to deliver e-commerce systems, not only optimised for mobile devices but also fully-scalable and adaptable. This enables further development and integration with existing business solutions, communication and sales.


We build B2B systems used for comprehensive delivery of internal processes, as well as processes concerning business partners. Our bespoke software enables seamless standardisation, automatisation and integration of operations within one IT solution. Due to pre-implementation analysis, our software production is based on the realistic expectations of its end-users. We guarantee full scalability of the platform delivered, with this we also carry out advanced integrations of external systems. Our solutions ensure that the final product delivered will increase effectiveness of your business operations.


The main function of our custom made mobile software is assisting our clients in achieving their business goals. We implement technologically advanced solutions to drive sales, improve communication, and build customer loyalty. We also offer comprehensive development of mobile projects in accordance with the omnichannel strategy. Before we commence working on a project, we evaluate in detail, the business objectives delivered by mobile solutions, we clearly define its features and in which way it will be used by end-user. As a result we deliver, a fully-scalable seamlessly integrated single solution mobile software.


In addition to delivering custom-build software for your business, we offer professional IT consulting. In this we carry out advanced pre-implementation analysis and IT infrastructure audits, we build communication strategies for the project and UX, as well as these we offer strategic consultancy in the area of IT project development. We realise that the successful IT project needs a thought through strategy, so we treat each and every client individually and as a whole (comprehensively). As a result we deliver a bespoke software, that will not only optimize processes in your company but will also generate further growth and development and adapt according to your expectations.

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We are a team of experienced individuals with over 10 years experience in IT. We are always seeking creative solutions best suitable for our client’s needs.


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